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The Story Behind Live Forever Brand

To say that 2019/2020 hasn't been rough is an understatement. With everything that 2020 presented us,  all the deaths, all the problems covid19 has brought. The shutdowns that have been horrible to small businesses and especially the entertainment biz! In life..we just can’t stop, We must keep living! I wake up every morning, have a cup of coffee and look at my kids and smile! I try to live by the words of RoyLee Pate.(r.i.p.) “You got to ENJOY LIFE & SMILE EVERYDAY”


Everyone wants to Live Forever but the People fighting everyday a battle that your average person doesn’t understand. The strength &  raw courage it takes to face death daily is something most couldn’t even fathom.  Everybody has the want to Live Forever but for some, an extra year, an extra month, an extra week, and extra day is their forever. Thats the inspiration behind our new name..!

We built Dallas Plug Entertainment from just an idea and made it a local name  so Renaming / rebranding has been a struggle because to change what is familiar to our followers and especially to us, was  a hard choice but life is full of those. 

 So.. here we are!  We’ve been steady working on bettering ourselves and broadening our following.  The decision on a name ( Brand ) that will be more universal instead of local was made &  I’d like to introduce to everyone the new everything that’s taken over a year to build...

 -Live Forever Brand TM 2020 Registered Trademark!

So..of course the music will still be part of this brand but besides the music we now offer a fully custom clothing line & shoes!

(special pricing for all boutiques or shops available

Also being offered are fully customized shirts for family gatherings/special accausions. Or if you’re looking to start your own merch line for musical artist or a fight shirt designs as well for any up-coming fighters that needs a professional look walking to the ring. Live Forever Brand can help you Brand yourself!

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